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Social Mobility – The New Lie: ‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria pauperibus’.

Time for some classical logic? Mobility Commission: A tactical withdrawal or simply running away? The very public resignation of all of the board members of the Social Mobility Commission was painful to watch. The events today have highlighted the profound discomfort that many of us have about the state of our nation and our sense of fair play and equality. We are watching the country stagnate as able talent is set aside on the grounds of being ‘disadvantaged’. We are truly living in a poorer place. Alan Milburn and colleagues finally seem to have woken up to the reality that there is no will within Government to address a deep-rooted problem that affects the whole of the UK. Why they waited till right up to the end to run away, or execute a tactical withdrawal, is disturbing. Indeed, it is now apparent that the UK Government never took Social Mobility seriously. Instead, the Social Mobility Commission appears to be there to cover up the real intentions of a crudely drawn s

Building a new bridge for students or sigh! - same old bridge?

Building a new bridge for students or sigh! - same old bridge? The BBC have reported: "The launch of a "major review" of university tuition fees is expected in the next few weeks - despite speculation that it was going to disappear into the political black hole of a minority government consumed by Brexit ." Will tuition fees be scrapped or saved by university review? BBC News 1st December 2017 On 20th November, on the lead up to the budget, TEFS reported: The most likely outcome is that a major review will be announced. This is likely to be reported in time for the Conservative election manifesto in the New Year as another election looms. See: The Budget and Student Fees: Give My Head Peace ! It came as a surprise that it did not get a men tion in the budget. Despite the glaring omission, it seems the problem will not go away. Neither will the students burdened with debt. Now the BBC are predicting a "major review".  The Governme