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One casualty is one too many

“One casualty is one too many” A submission to the Treasury Committee Student Loans Inquiry that addresses specifically the terms of reference relating to; “ the impact of student finances on students ”. The inquiry states that, “ It will focus on the impact of student loans on the public finances, the success or failure of fee funding to act as a 'market' for higher education, and the impact of student finances on students ”. By Professor Mike Larkin. 23 rd October 2017. Emeritus Professor of Microbial Biochemistry, Queen’s University Belfast. Retired early and living in Edinburgh.   Thirty six years of experience in teaching and supporting students at all levels in Higher Education.   Research experience in environmental science and biotechnology, microbiology and biochemistry. Former lead academic of the award winning QUESTOR Centre ( ).   Former UCU president at Queen’s University Belfast, Chair of UCU Northern